Our global approach

A) What full services are offered for property expertise?

To operate, purchase, sell and define the best property strategy, one must understand the value of one’s property holdings, their consistency, condition, risks, regulatory compliance and any refurbishment costs.
It is also indispensable to identify any existence of soil pollution risk and its implicit cost. Finally, our subsidiaries can deliver an understanding of the fair tax basis for a company’s property tax.

B) What is a global valuation?

Within a complex regulatory context in a difficult real estate market, our clients want a value without reservation, that is, a value that takes into account, notably, all technical and environmental conditions. We are fortunate to be able to utilize multi-disciplinary teams within our company, where engineers, construction experts, environmental specialists and property appraisers work together to share their expertise.

C) What are the impacts on market value?

The global approach relies upon the services of our technicians for the technical and environmental aspects of the project. Following the financialization of real estate, “building” questions have tended to fade away in favour of a simple financial approach to value. Many IRR’s have been eroded because of bad purchases due, simply, to an underestimation of a building’s technical evaluation: incorrect surface area, problems not detected and integrated, partial pollution, presence of asbestos, etc. All of these elements can significantly affect a property’s value. At purchase, this global analysis will prevent unwanted surprises; at sale, it will guarantee your buyers an understanding of their investment and will avert future recourse. It is, therefore, critical to return to good sense: I will not purchase that which I do not fully understand.