Active on an national and international scale, Groupe Galtier offers a wide range of appraisals supporting small and medium-sized companies and industries, international groups, investors, institutions, municipalities…

With 100 associates and 275 collaborators and 15 regional offices, Expertises Galtier’s know-how is renowned in four areas of expertise:

  • Analysis and estimation of risks and damages
  • Property inventory and audit
  • Business diagnostics and valuation
  • Property portfolio diagnostics and valuation

Experience and ongoing training combine with good sense, essential qualities for Galtier appraisers, proud to be part of the top French company for the valuation of tangible and intangible assets.

The group has been operating since 1894 with the same strategy of remaining independent, with no financial tie to banks or brokers.

The four areas of expertise:

Four areas of expertise: businesses, real estate property, fixed assets, and risks and damages
Request an objective and recognized opinion in order to make the right decision. Your business performs, develops, acquires other companies, invests, and occasionally must overcome difficulties.

During these developments, whether they are large events or difficult moments, you must make the right strategic decisions. In order to have the necessary clarity, it is necessary to obtain objective opinions and trustworthy valuations, and have incontestable appraisals. 

Of course, you may have an insurer, a banker, a notary, an attorney, an auditor, a certified accountant or even an architect. Each one practices its business within its field of expertise. However, none of them can value your business, estimate your property portfolio and the consequences of environmental risks on its value, undertake a preliminary estimate of your assets to be insured, carry out a diagnostic evaluation of the security of your buildings and installations, or even evaluate the reliability of your asset files on which your professional and real estate taxes are based.

In all these areas that are not within your core expertise, you need a multi-talented team of experts, independent, recognized, secure, and at your exclusive service to help you analyze and estimate your risks and damages, the value of your holdings and the optimization of your costs and transactions.

Galtier highlights in figures

  • 275 associates
  • 15 regional offices
  • 41,5 M€ of sales revenue
  • 5500 missions completed each year
  • 72 B€ of assets valued for insurance values
  • 850 M€ of assets valued each year as appraiser for policyholders