Estimation in market value or rental value

Market value refers to the value of an asset at a time “T” in the property market identified; this is the value most often requested of appraisers for regulatory reasons or other needs: sales, accounting requirements, contributions, fiscal reasons, etc. Rental value might be requested during lease renewals, for negotiations between lessors and lessees, or other specific cases.

ACPR regulatory valuations

The Decree of November 1990 requires insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, provident societies, and retirement funds to have their property holdings revalued each year. The Authority of Prudential Control and Resolution (ACPR) has precisely specified the valuation methods: conclusive summary document, appraiser rotation every five years, and presentation letter from the appraiser demonstrating its technical competence and experience. Central valuations for valuations of SCI shares, etc.

Valuation prior to investment

This serves as a significant support in the decision-making process. The investor wants to obtain the opinion an an independent appraiser before investing in a particular asset.

Property strategy consulting

Strengthened by their knowledge of the markets, Galtier appraisers are regularly consulted by property industry professionals in order to help them formulate a property strategy that is appropriate in terms of risk, renovation work, opportunities or ownership modes.

Financial valuation (shares of SCI, patents and brands, business capital, leasehold rights)

The “financial valuation” department, comprised of financial valuation appraisers, regularly evaluates shares of SCI’s, company values, etc… within the framework, notably, of a business sale, regulatory valuation, bank financing, or disputes with fiscal administrative organizations.

Periodic revaluation of property portfolios

Missions undertaken on portfolios held by investors or for entities with regulatory obligations to revalue their assets, for internal requirements to determine property strategy, for accounting needs, or to satisfy banking requirements.

IFRS standards services

Valuation conducted within the framework of regulations implemented in 2005, some of which require a valuation for property investments as well as for operating properties. The owners concerned call on GALTIER appraisers in order to obtain this information.

Market studies

Because investing in property or selling property assets within the framework of an asset management strategy requires independent and objective insights into the local real estate market, GLATIER Valuation delivers in-depth studies. Substantive images of the property market: offer, demand, volumes transacted, investment amounts, socio-professional categories, purchasing power, unemployment rates, minimum and maximum prices, etc.; these are some of the indicators that are addressed, synthesized through graphics, pictograms and other graphic illustrations enabling a rapid reading of a powerful presentation.

Property audits

This mission, also called “due diligence”, is an in-depth verification of a property’s data, and is distinct from a property valuation. The full audit might comprise the verification of property ownership title, lease analyses, analysis of renovation work to be undertaken, technical studies and environmental diagnostics. A true multi-disciplinary mission, perfectly adapted to the services proposed by the Galtier group, which has building and environmental engineers within its team.


For several decades, we have been regularly engaged within the framework of pre-litigation situations or during expropriations. This latter action is a provision of French law allowing, notably, the government to force an owner to sell its asset against its will. Within this context, the appraiser values not only the real estate property assets but also a series of indemnities for principal and accessory, in compensation for damages suffered by the owner whose property is expropriated. In consequence, this is an exploration of the client’s economic activity and related environment. Therefore, the valuations of tangible and intangible factors are all taken into account through the complementary skills of the GALTIER associates.


Appraisers, Independent and secure

Leader since 1894 in the realm of valuation appraisal, Expertises Galtier is independent of the financial markets and institutional stakeholders. Originally family-owned, the share capital is majority held by the Group’s associates.

All of the missions engaged are carried out by the group’s salaried employees, with a strict obligation of confidentiality.

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Why choose Expertises Galtier?

For its experience

  • More than a century of know-how in valuation appraisals,
  • Its total legal and financial independence,
  • Its signature of confidence.

For its support

  • A guarantee of total confidentiality,
  • 200 appraisers, all salaried employees of the Group and systematically in the field,
  • Missions undertaken throughout France as well as internationally.

For its methodology

  • A team of appraisers dedicated to each mission, possessing all of the skills necessary to respond to your specific needs,
  • A rigorous and global approach to risks and values that always accompanies the statistical specifications,
  • An objective, independent engagement at your side,
  • A policy of continuous training for our appraisers.


110Billion €of assets evaluated each year

30Million m2of business property evaluated each year

200 000m2 of propertyevaluated per year